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St Bridget’s church

St Bridget’s church, originally uploaded by mudpig.

© 2008 Steve Kelley

My most interesting image according to Flickr. This was shot with my old camera (a Nikon Coolpix 8700). It seems this image has sparked an increase in the interest for couples to have their wedding at St. Bridget’s which is a nice side effect.

This red brick Italian Gothic church formally opened its doors in 1887 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Today it houses the parish business office, a bustling day-care center and grammar school, a meeting room for youth of the parish, and a religious education center for both children and adults. St. Bridget’s church, with its spacious rear section, is an ideal location for large and small meetings and retreats.

St. Bridget’s continues to be a worship and gathering place for the descendants of the Irish, Italian and Polish settlers who founded it, as well as the many Filipino and Spanish groups who have moved into the neighborhood. St. Bridget’s also boasts two great volunteer choirs, one in English and one in Spanish, which add greatly to the prayerful worship experience.


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Hudson River Airport

Hudson River Airport, originally uploaded by mudpig.

© 2009 Steve Kelley

US Airways Flight 1549 after being raised from the Hudson River here in New York City, NY on Saturday. Shot from Jersey City, NJ. The plane is mostly intact from the crash and its trip downriver about a mile.

This was shot from my apartment which is about a mile from the airplane and approximately 330 feet up.

The plane (an Airbus A320) was moved this Sunday to a site in Bayonne, NJ.

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sunny side up

sunny side up, originally uploaded by mudpig.

© 2009 Steve Kelley

Winter sunrise over New York City (NYC), NY and the Hudson river shot from Jersey City, NJ.

This is 5 images processed in Photomatix version 3.1. I then processed in PS 3. Difficult shot given it was a direct sun but you can see just how cold it was that morning (around 5 degrees Fahrenheit).

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a cold winter’s night

a cold winter’s night, originally uploaded by mudpig.

© Steve Kelley 2009

A long and very cold exposure of Jersey City and New York City in the background. This was shot from the roof in 20mph wind and a temp of 7f. This was one of the shots where I used an iso of 1000 by mistake and did not discover until I was home – sorta defeated the purpose of the long exposure.

Almost did not post this image since it lacks clarity but I like the colour and I’m not going to waste some frostbite on my fingers :).

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